Controller knobs on S88 not working.

I’m a real rookie on all this so if you can help, please keep your answers simple :wink:
I can’t get the 8 controller knobs on my S88 to work for me when in Cubase 8. If I open up KK as a stand-alone then they work fine and I can browse and control everything from the keyboard as intended, but when in Cubase I’m getting the keys to work and can start stop and record from the keyboard but I can’t browse or adjust any parameters.

I have looked at articles on setting up KK properly for Cubase and attached is an excerpt from one of them which tells me that if I have previously set KK up as a Mackie then highlight and remove this. The was the case for me so I did that. The next step was that if the S88 is not listed in the devices list then I should add it. I click the + sign but my S88 isn’t listed among all the various options. So I must have done something wrong in the basic set up for it not to be there. Maybe this has nothing to do with the problem I have mentioned above. Should it be assigned to Mackie or not? I don’t even know what Mackie is!
(all the gear, no idea!)
Ps. I’ve got loads of other questions once we get past this one! :laughing:


If you cannot see the KK in the list, once you click the + button, the KK (component) is not installed properly. Try to reinstal it, and install the latest update, please.

Are you in Mac or Windows?

Thanks Martin, I will try that this week and come back to you. I’m on Windows.