Controller Lane & Automation Lane Conflict Crash

Here is the basic premise: A typical filter sweep on a VST synth.

— Play a synth VST while turning a hardware knob (CC 12) linked to the VST’s filter cutoff — Record the filter sweep automation for playback. — Easy.

— I recorded the CC 12 filter cutoff knob twiddling into the Controller Lane in the Key Editor — BUT when playing back the track the filter cutoff is skittering and skipping around, like two curves competing (i.e controller and automation lane conflict).

The Automation Lane DOES list the CC 12 as being active but no automation points are present to delete. (You can see in the picture the automation curve written into the track’s controller lane and not the automation lane).
Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 4.08.25 PM

I tried to “Remove MIDI Channel:All CC - CC 12” but it doesn’t remove it.

And when I try to draw a curve on the automation lane, Cubase eventually crashes.

Outside of using Quick Controls. What is the workaround? How do I resolve this conflict?

Thanks a bunch for the help!

Cubase: 10.0
VST: Softube '72
CC 12-15: Expressive E Touchè


Could you attach the crash/dmp file, please?

Hello Martin,

I solved the automation twitching after the MIDI Monitor showed my controller was still sending very small CC values—this is more a design flaw with my controller than a software problem—and now it’s been unstuck and solved.

I further learned it was the Softube VST3s that were uniformly crashing Cubase—I tested some odd communication between the MIDI part and automation lane. It’s not the first time: they also crash the standalone automation software and another music app. I will contact their help support system to resolve the issue which goes beyond just being a Cubase issue.

As for Cubase, I have my work arounds.
Thank you.