Controller Lane Midi learn not working

Hi there,

I have Native Instruments Massive 1.5.11 installed and integrated into Cubase 11.0.41. I have a piano roll snippet belonging to my Massive instance and this snippet has a Controller Lane (CC 9) with data points (a curve going up from 29 to 127) defined.

So I right-click some knob in Massive and select “MIDI learn” and subsequently I let Cubase run over my snippet, so my melody gets played and the data points in my Controller Lane are passing by. Back in ye old days with my Cubase 6 that was the procedure to assign a Controller Lane to a knob. Now this is not working anymore. What am I doing wrong? (Inside the Massive GUI it says “MIDI all”)

In the picture right above in the middle you see the value 1 beneath “No Track preset - All MIDI Inputs - Massive”. I tried it with “any” as well and i tried it with the value one, also configured inside Massive.

I tried with Retrologue and CC #22. Worked fine. I have the CC directly on the midi part. (Cubase 12.0.40 on PC)

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Thank you @Johnny_Moneto I tried your example and it worked for me as well. Could you please give me a hint what I should check in the configuration of Massive respectively its integration into Cubase?

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I don’t possess Massive, therefore unfortunately I can’t tell you. It is from Native Instruments? Maybe asking at the NI forum might find you an answer.

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It is completely weird. When inside Massive I go to file > options > midi and select “Kore Controller 2” or “Maschine Controller”, then I found out that Controller Lane 12 controls the pitch of oscillator one. In that case the mapping works as expected. And I can see that there seem to be some predefined mappings for the other knobs as well. But after I right click on the osc1 pitch and “Remove Midi CC”, and then try to reassign it using “Midi learn” again it does not work anymore.

So generally the MIDI events seem to be perceived by Massive but something else does not work.

Good idea, I created a support ticket over at Native Instruments. Will document the outcome here.