Controller lanes in Key Editor have scroll bars / hide CC data


I have this issue where the controller lanes in the Key Editor don’t show the entire CC range no matter how I resize them. Instead they always trim either the top or bottom of the range and I have to scroll with the mouse to see it (see pic). This only happens in the separate Key Editor window. Opening CC lanes in the Lower Zone Editor works as expected, showing the entire range (commonly from 0-127).

Both my monitors are 4K set to 125% zoom via Windows Display Settings (Cubase set to follow suit, HiDPI enabled). Setting the zoom to 100% (or any other for that matter) does not resolve the issue.

Any ideas?


I have same Issue…

I also have this issue.

Me too. It happen once I’m using my workstation with 4K monitor but not on my laptop. I think it’s the issue with 4k resolution.

Just want to say that with C13 this issue persists…

From the replies I’m obviously not the only one to face it. Perhaps not many people use the CC editors on 4k monitors (?) and this seems a non-priority for the dev team? It seems like something easy to fix. If I’m missing something please point me to the right direction because this is something that I face literally everyday and it’s getting truly tiresome…