Controller Lanes in Key Editor

Different instruments ask for different type of controller lanes in the Key Editor,

For example, a flute need breath, modwheel, expression and main volume, but a piano needs velocity and pedals.

Why then isn’t it possible to lock certain controller lane configurations to certain MIDI tracks?

Now the piano gets the same controller lanes as the flute after opening the flute Key Editor

It makes sense to me, if this feature was added.

I know you can save and recall presets but it’s not ergonomic to recall a preset first every time you want to use the Key Editor.

Or am i missing something here?


Make a little macros to have the controller lane used by your midi file :

Macros : put this shorcuts together
Editors : Show Key editor
Midi : Show Used Controller Lane

So each time you gonna open your midi Key editor with this macros you gonna see only the controller lane used by your midi files.

Yes, but what if your controller lane is not yet used - but is available/is mapped

My suggestion would be to use controller lane presets.

Indeed, and another disadvantage is that if you use this macro the lanes height will reset to the default height everytime you use it. So you end up resizing a lot. not preferable :slight_smile:

first activating the right preset everytime i open the keyeditor is not what i want.

I am using a large orchestral template and might endup with 30 presets, it’s going to be a pain to select the right one everytime

I agree with Steve, use the presets its easy. You can name them the way you want, and can have as many as you like.

…also, they can be called up via key commands. (Controller Lane Setup #)

Actually, track presets will do what you need, and more. Of course, the daw has no way of knowing what controllers your particular vst instrument uses, except via presets.