Controller Mapping + Midi Learn

Hey guys and gals, I’m posting this here today because I felt that I should speak up about this if I wanted to see it happen, even-though I’m sure many people have before…

I have a midi keyboard that has 8 knobs and 8 faders, I also have an Allen & Heath Xone:4D that has a bunch of faders and knobs… I would REALLY love to be able to map more than 8 of my knobs to “quick controls”.

My Feature Request:

  • Ability to recognize multiple midi controllers.
  • Have a feature to “Learn” MIDI, so that you could map your MIDI controller to any knob, button or parameter inside of Cubase & 3rd Party VST (It would be like mapping automation) - and not just be limited to 8 controls.
  • Bonus Feature? - 4 or 8 Macro knobs, so that you could map multiple parameters within all of Cubase, to 1 knob.

    I switched from Ableton to Cubase last July, and I’m 100% in with Cubase. This feature would take this DAW to the next level for me.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day. :arrow_right: :smiley:

+1… 2017 come on guys… there is an excellent GUI/system for the remote control controler editor (which can be used only by the 8 quick control and pages ± or for more only supported hardwarz) and we still have to use the 2005 generic controler with rolling menus to find the parameter of an insert or send plugins…