Controller Surfaces and MMC Transport Control

I was messing around building a Control Surface for my older Arturia Keylab 25 desktop controller. It’s got faders, buttons and knobs and it was quite fun to get them controlling a whole bunch of useful Nuendo 12 parameters.

In fact it made me feel a great deal better about the impeding loss of functionality for my trusty CMC units ( TP and QC ) when I have to make the jump to Mac OS Ventura.

What I did notice was that once the script was in place and working it seemed to block Nuendo from seeing the Keylab controller’s MMC based Transport commands. Nuendo’s MIDI-input indicator didn’t show any input for these controls. Deactivating the Kaylab control script reenabled the MMC functionality.

In my case I was able to set the Kaylab transport buttons to send regular MIDI CC commands via the Arturia Controller editor. Then I mapped those values in the Control Surface and all now works.

However I think it would be good for Nuendo to still see incoming MMC commands from a device even if it is set up as a Remote source in the Control surface section. It keeps things standard!

Not a bug … but it was unexpected from my perspective!