Controlling a MIDI sequence's gate length

I’m using AI 10.5 with a couple of free analogue sequencer plugins, mainly Sequencair, which I’m just starting to play with. I’m trying out Tangerine Dream-style repeating short monophonic MIDI sequences and I’d like to modulate the gate length of the notes in Cubase using a MIDI CC message. Is there a way to do this? It’s not the same as modulating the decay, sustain or release of the synth envelope.


Do you mean the Attack time?

In general, whatever the concrete synth offers to be controlled by MIDI, you can do in Cubase. It depends just on the instrument.

No, I mean the gate length: the note on time. Analogue sequencers use gate length to determine how long a note sounds. The ADSR envelope is entirely separate. I asked the designer of the Sequencair plugin, and he couldn’t think of a means to do this. Each note in the sequence (it looks like an old-fashioned analogue sequencer) has a knob which controls the gate length from zero to 100% (not sounding at all, to tying the note to the next one) and that one knob can be controlled by a MIDI CC message - but there’s no way to control all the gate lengths in a 16-note sequence at the same time. I’m surprised this wasn’t solved a long time ago - such as when Steinberg released Pro24 for the Atari! It doesn’t sound like a difficult problem.


Cubase sends common MIDI data. It’s on the instrument side, how is the data interpreted.

This is about the length of a note, not the ADSR envelope. Is there a way to continuously modulate note length in a MIDI sequence in Cubase?


No, this is not possible. The MIDI Note length is written in the track.