Controlling Audio fader with CC

Ok. I want to control any audio track with a CC Controller [Monogram slider but any Midi controller]- the idea is to move the audio slider with an actual midi CC slider making mixing more intuitive - there is no “right click- Learn Button” on audio tracks so I cant figure it out. Thanks for your help.

Cubase 12

The keyword you’re looking for is the “Cubase MIDI Remote”. There’s quite a bit of material online on how to set it up.

Yeah- found Greg Ondo’s video- i have to hack through the scripting because Monogram is not listed as a midi controller in Cubase- I will take a swing at it- Greg always says “you can do this quite easily”- we will see

You don’t necessarily have to get into scripting. The regular MIDI Remote can be connected and graphically configured via “learn” mechanisms - assuming your hardware sends regular midi CC messages and/or midi note messages.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it

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