Controlling Audio Faders with cc7

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Is it possible to control Audio parameters, such as track volume and pan using standard cc7 and cc1 and midi pan?



You can control them via external MIDI controllers, using Track Quick Controls. (but you can’t write those MIDI CC’s inside a MIDI Part, and expect to be able to control the faders from there… unless you loop that MIDI track out and back again into the Track Quick Controls Setup window).

I already have a fader box (bcf2000) set to control cc7 for midi, but when an audio track is selected I’d like it to control volume automation… Is that possible? I tried the learn qc command an for some reason nothing happened. Sorry for ignorance, but remote controls in cubase have always confused me.

Open the Devices menu>Device Setup, and select Track Quick Controls.
Set the BCF2000 as input for it, and assign the eight faders (or knobs, if you prefer) to the eight available slots. You might want to have a separate BCF Preset for this (using MIDI CC#s that you wouldn’t otherwise use). The column marked “Address” is where you enter the relevant MIDI CC# number. Or you could use the MIDI Learn function.
Once you hit “Apply”, and close the Device Setup window, those eight faders/knobs will now control anything that you put in a slot in the Quick Controls pane of a selected track’s Inspector (so, in this case, you’d want to put Track Volume into, say, slot #1).

I think I understand. But Is there a way to make cubase context aware of the midi message so that if I’m using the same fader (without having to change presets), on a midi channel will control cc7 but on an audio channel will control track volume?

No, it ain’t that smart, unfortunately :wink:. Although it will only apply the fader to Quick Controls on the selected track (but won’t prevent it sending CC#7 to any record-armed MIDI/Instrument track if that track is receiving the BCF as (part of) its MIDI Input).
But of course, in the method I described above, you could use some other MIDI CC# to control slot #1 of the Quick Controls (are you already making use of all the 7 other BCF faders/knobs?).
In other words, do you have to be using the same fader?

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Error on my part, sorry :blush:
When a MIDI data (e.g. a specific MIDI CC#) from a particular MIDI Input is assigned to Track Quick Controls or VST Quick Controls, that data is now excluded from arriving at a selected MIDI/Instrument track.
So, that means you’d have to use different CC#s for Quick Controls (so that CC#7 from your BCF can still arrive at your MIDI tracks). Although you could use Quick Controls (using the same fader) on the MIDI track also, with slot #1 set to “Volume”, rather than recording CC#7 directly into the MIDI Part. (so long as Quick Controls is write-enabled, it will be recorded as an automation track).
I hope I haven’t made that more confusing :wink:.

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