Controlling / Automating Parameters. Best practices?

AT LAST! I have set my dirty paws on Halion! Very very pleased, I’m trying to dip my toe a bit deeper now. One thing that I can’t make heads or tails of, is the automation.

How can I devise a default map of assignments for each HALion instrument? E.g. I load up Model C, I want my controllers faders to control the drawbars. But then when I load, say, Triebwerk, I would like the faders to control ADSR. Is there a way to do that?

So far, I’ve tried gutting the default RCE of HALion and assigning plain Automation parameters instead, but if I go that way, I will not be able to have the parameters on my preferred positions, I will have to make do with what each instrument defaults to.

I feel there must be another way. Please advise!

No ideas?