Controlling Cubase via Lemur and an Ipad

Lemur is a fantastic programmable app that lets you program virtually any parameter you want, I like it because you can show track names (scribble strip) like a “mackie control” and it can send/receive via wifi on 8 separate midi ports (16 channels each). With Cubase, I use a “mackie control” and a “generic remote” device on 2 separate midi ports as well as a 3rd midi port for a simple midi keyboard/cc controller.

I’ve created a very basic video demo of my Lemur/Ipad/Cubase/RME Totalmix setup here:

As you can see in the demo, the control of RME Totalmix and Cubase (Cubase version 6.54, 7 isn’t quite there yet for me at the time of this post) is very intuitive and easy, all from one app on my Ipad. I’ve had many “hardware” controllers over the years but this is my favourite by a long shot. I still believe that controlling inserts and editing is still better with a mouse/keyboard but mixing on an Ipad is great!

I’ve uploaded some screenshots here as well.
Cubase EQ.PNG
Cubase Sends.PNG
Cubase main.PNG

More screenshots…
Midi Drawbars.PNG
Midi Keyboard.PNG