Controlling different channels with different ErasOnKeyboard

If I have a digital piano with one zone\no split points, can I somehow program Cubase so I will control different channels\different VSTs with different eras on my digital piano?

Or am I completely limited to my keyboard capabilities?

I’m Just thinking maybe the split points on my digital piano limiting me only on its inner sounds, but I’m suspecting there maybe a way to overcome this when you are controlling various VSTs on a DAW


Yes, you can do so by using Input Transformer. Lets say, you have 3 tracks:
Track 1 (melody): If Pitch is lower then 60 Or Volume is lower then 64 > Filter it Out.
Track 2 (pad): If Pitch is lower then 60 Or Volume is bigger then 63 > Filter it Out.
Track 3 (bass): If Pitch is bigger then 59 > Filter it Out.