Controlling Folder Tracks with CMC or ?


I have 100’s of midi channels grouped in dozens of folders ( so Brass Short is one folder, Brass Long is another folder, Strings Short is a third, sound design is 4th folder, etc, etc etc, nighmare when your tired)

Will the CMC control the “mute” function on folders ?

If no, can this be done, how are you guys doing this ?

I dont have a a midi mixer, I use key board short cuts and commands, I have also have the x key pad, its programable and can record key strokes and recal them, assign to buttons.

J o hn


I’m sorry, but muting folder tracks is not possible.



I see Chris, is that a “not now”, or not ever ? :smiling_imp:

Chris, I’d like the buttons on the CH to act just like clicking on the same button on the folder track as well. Not just the mute requested in this thread. (solo, monitor, record, lock, group edit). I was able to set the Functions keys for the CH to do it. So, I was wondering why they didn’t just work. It doesn’t make sense to have to have the F keys specifically set to control Folder track functions, but that’s what I’ve done for now.

are you saying you can control folder track with F keys, or you have a workaround ?

If you pop up your Device Setup, you can set what function the F keys perform. So, if you set an F key to edit/mute, it works as expected on the folder track. Same with all the other functions I mentioned. Just a waste though, since there is already a mute, solo, monitor etc… key on the dang CH. Seems it should just work since its the same command.

Ok, I am going to give this a try, and respond, thanks for the tip