Controlling group faders

Hey, guys.

I’m running the full version of Cubase 7.0x and have CH and FD controllers that work fine on individual track faders. However, I often do submixes to groups and then do final levels from the group faders. The CMC fader controls seem to ignore group faders, meaning I have to reach for the mouse to control my groups.

Is there a configuration setting I’m not seeing that would allow me to control group faders via CMC?

Also / alternatively, do the CMCs work on Cubase 8 VCA faders, i.e. the fader that controls the group?

It may be some time before I upgrade to 8, so if there’s a way to get control of group faders in 7 it would be most appreciated.

The CMC faders (an I would assume all hardware surface controllers) appear to skip over VCA faders in Cubase 8.

It does not appear they can be controlled via hardware (EDIT: from the CMC CH, they can. Not sure about other surface controllers, but perhaps it’s possible via Generic Remote, etc.).

…and yet, in the C8 presentation video they are in fact shown being controlled by the Nuage :wink:

Perhaps a shortcoming in the Mackie protocol, but then I didn’t think the CMCs used Mackie Protocol - would think they would use something perhaps Yamaha proprietary, something similar to the Nuage if not the same.


Smedberg appear to have had success with this. Thought I’d point you to his post to see what the differences are.

Thanks, Chris.

Yeah, we found the answer: CMC FD faders don’t work (they skip over VCA faders), but the fader on the CMC CH module does work.

I consider that good news.

(Also, the CMC FD’s LEDs do respond as one would expect if they’re controlled from a VCA fader, so no issue there.)

Good point about the Nuage.

Btw, I do think the CMC is based on HUI / Mackie if not 100% to spec.

Excellent. I’ll have to test the CH on my group faders.

I’m running 7.0x but if they work on groups (not just vca) in 8 I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the case in 7. I think like you I just tried the FD.

Fingers crossed…

Confirmed, the CH fader does work on group channels in 7.0x. Thanks to you both for helping me get a handle on this.

Having to bank switch to access to four faders at a time isn’t really that much faster than just leaning on the channel button to scroll the active channel, so as long as the CH can handle both channels and groups, I’m good to go.

Honestly, I’m still getting used to the CMC style fader. I don’t know if it’s my guitar calloused fingers or just the nature of the beast, but I often have to touch more than once to snag the fader. Once I get hold of it, it’s a bit more manageable than fading via mouse, but I still miss physical faders. However, I really love everything else about the CMC, the small form factor being a significant part of it. Now if someone would just make CMC sized physical faders…

Make sure VCA Faders are selected in the Channel Types Filter!