Controlling Headphone Volume with Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Hello, I recently purchased a Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface (3rd Generation) for recording in Cubase 10, which doesn’t come with a separate headphone monitor knob. I want to be able to control both my headphone volume and monitor volume inside Cubase; for example, turning off the monitors when I am recording acoustic guitar and/or vocals and be able to listen with my headphones. You know, basic stuff. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Start with posting basic stuff like your Cubase version…
Basically create an output bus for the headphones, and one for the monitor volume. Control the volumes with the master faders of these two.

Thanks. Appreciate it.


Stupidly, it’s not possible to control the headphone and monitor volume independently with the Scarlett Solo. I returned mine and bought the 2i2 which allows that.

Hi wjoyce,
I’m thinking of buying the 2i2. On the studio set up page in Cubase what is the latency readings ?

6.146ms for both input and output latency @ 48kHz sample rate with a buffer size of 128.