Controlling Image-Line GrossBeat from Cubase

The Gross Beat effect plug in allows you to select different presets by assigning MIDI notes to them. This question is more about how to send MIDI notes to control a VST effect which I cannot work out how to do with Cubase. Any ideas?


Unfortunately, you can’t send MIDI data to the VST effects, which are placed in the Insert slot of Audio/Instrument tracks.

Of course you can send midi data to VST effects as long as they advertise themselves properly. Just create a midi track and any VST effects accepting midi in will be available as a midi output. An example is the rotary effect included with Cubase.


The VST effect has to create virtual MIDI port. Then, you can send MIDI data to this MIDI output.

Thanks guys.
The plug in reference for the Rotary effect tells you how to do this. I simply added a midi track and in the MIDI out drop list I can see the VST track with the Gross Beat plug in effect. I select that and I can use midi notes to control it. Easy when you know how …