Controlling latency while overdubbing using UR22 mkII

With songs using lots of plugins (and hence higher buffer settings) I’m getting un-useable latency when the monitor button is activated. The only way round this that I’ve discovered is to activate Constrain Delay and then reduce buffer setting as much as possible. This is annoying as the sound of the song is altered so much.
Is there a better way? I’ve read about so called no latency recording. Is this possible with the UR22?
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P.S I’m using Cubase 11 and 12 Pro with 8 core iMac

There are a number of ways of maintaining a low latency while tracking. I’ll list a few that comes to mind.
Using a fast, optimized computer with an audio interface that allows low latency settings while still stable.
Freezing tracks or render in place to lower real time processing.
Keeping VSTfx to a minimum during tracking, especially on busses.
Using Direct Monitoring if your audio interface supports it.

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Do you or anyone else know if the Steinberg UR22 MkII interface supports Direct monitoring?
There is an indication it does under Studio Setup but it’s greyed out (unselectable) in my setup.
Is there a way of being able to select this option ?

I don’t, sorry. I would consult the UR22 user manual.

Nein…ich glaube erst ab dem ur22c ist es möglich…lg…(kann mich auch täuschen)

Can you turn the mix knob fully to the DAW side rather than the input side?


Another instance of similar reported issue:

General info here:


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