Controlling midi send

Hi guys, Im building a project to live show.

Firstly, I’m putting all VSTs needed in the instrument rack,
And making a midi track for each song.

*Then, I’m using ‘midi send’(up to 4) without effects, so I could control which instrument is triggered(on whatever midi channel) in each song(midi track)

How do I assign a fader from my midi controller
to control the volume of a spesific midi send within a track?

I’ve tried track’s quick controls but I’ve only found the toggle option(send enable?) I want to assign a fader+toggle button for mixing live the sends+enabling/disableing sends…

instead of setting up the sends without effects, try adding MIDI Control. You should be able to set up CC7 to control the volume of the VST you’re sending to.

Well…I have a few vsts(one of them is halion sonic se2, with 10 slots of sounds, routed to different midi channels…)

And I need to have 2-4 sounds triggered together in each song , with some changes (mixing volumes mainly) mid-song…
I need to aasign up to 4 faders, one for each sound(vst/slot in halion)

The problem with cc7 is that in HSse, I need to have individual faders for each timber… And I need to be able to mix sounds from different VSTs mid-song