Controlling Resolume using Cubase

Hi All,

I’m working up a live set where Cubase Pro 9 is doing the playback of the backing tracks and we’re going to use Resolume Avenue 4 to play visuals thru projectors.

I want to have Cubase be the Master Clock which in turn controls Resolume to sync up the visuals to the songs.

What would you guys recommend as an external clock controller device which gets it’s time sync / clock from cubase which in turn drives Resolume to sync with Cubase?

Thanks in advance


Sounds fun! I use Ableton in a live setting that is networked to a second computer running VDMX, a PIXLITE, and a DMXIS.

Hi, Dino.

For a time I had this exact setup. You don’t need an external clock controller. I did it via MIDI.

I used a UR-22 on the Cubase laptop and a simple little MidiMan MIDI interface on the Resolume one, and connected output of Cubase MIDI to input of Resolume MIDI.

Resolume has options a pretty rich variety of MIDI triggers. I wrote a MIDI track in Cubase and that’s where I initiated the events that would happen in Resolume. I believe I used, in my case, MIDI notes in Cubase and then in Resolume set events to trigger on a given MIDI note.

I wish I could give you better step by step instructions I no longer have this setup running. Hopefully this will get you in the ballpark, though. If you look into MIDI event triggers in Resolume and get comfortable with that, then it’s just a matter of creating a MIDI track in Cubase to make Resolume do what you want.

It’s a really fun setup with a ton of flexibility. If I can help further just let me know and I’ll do my best.

By the way, I also had my lights controlled in a similar fashion. I used D-Pro to manage the lighting DMX (I originally started with DMXIS). I installed D-Pro and MidiOx or MidiYoke, some kind of MIDI loopback controller, on the same laptop as Cubase.

I had a separate MIDI track to fire off the lighting events and instead of pointing them to the hardware MIDI output on the UR-22, I pointed them to the loopback port and configured D-Pro to listen to it for triggers.

With that setup, I then had Cubase controlling both backing tracks as well as all visuals. The latter were broken down into two MIDI tracks, one for the Resolume video and the other for the D-Pro lighting control.

Thanks So Much Chris!!! I’ll try out some of this stuff and contact you for any further inquiries


Glad to help. It’s a lot of fun.

I was looking for solutions on displaying more than one video bue was thinking if it would be possible to slave Resolume but all in the same computer. To run all tracks in nuendo, and through midiOX or something similar have 2 different videos, one through hdmi and the other through a displayport for example…, but all in the same computer I mean. Thanks for your help!

I’d like to help but it’s been years since I worked with Resolume and I honestly don’t remember.

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