Controlling Tempo with Automap in Cubase 6.5?

Hi, does someone know if it’s possible to control the tempo in Cubase via an external keyboard (Novation SLMKII) using Novations Automap? If so what are the settings I need?

If not, is there another solution? I’m using Cubase live and it would be nice to be able to change BPM quickly on the fly so effects synch with the current song tempo



Yes, it’s possible to do this in the Cubase 6 (not in Cubase 7).

To do so, open Devices > Device Setup, and find Generic Remote device on the left side. In the upper sheet, choose the MIDI controller (event) you wil use for control the tempo. In the bottom sheet set:
Device = Transport
Category = Device
Action = Tempo.

Set the MIDI Input of this Generic Remote. Now, you can control the tempo value by MIDI controller (slider or knob).

Your Tempo has to be set to Fixed.

See the attachment, I’m controlling the tempo by MIDI CC 1 here.