Controlling the effects of certain Halion libraries

Hello Guys.
I have this problem: I bought the 4knob rain piano and also the scoring percussion both distributed by Steinberg. In generell I like the sounds - BUT: they’re both missing a super important, absolut basic feature, or if I’m lucky I’m just to dumb to find it…
Scoring percussion has HUGE amounts of reverb on almost all the sounds that can’t be turned down (I already found the Rev in the aux and deleted it completely - but no change!). 4Knob Rain piano has HUGE amounts of delay on some presets but no way to reduce it.
Both are not expensive, but are said to be professional tools, and there is no way you can use those with no control over the amount of reverb or delay - and I don’t mean a little bit, it is like big time - I counted up to 10 repetitions and the reverb in scoring percussion does only make sense if you wanna sound like you’re giving a concert in a cathedral!
Please tell me there is a solution, like this it is impossible to integrate it in any normal mix!
Thank you for your help!

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I’m not sure on how to specifically control the effects for those libraries but you could hit the “Switch off All Insert Effects” button in the top right corner to get a completely dry sound.
Switch off All Insert Effects

Hello WWStar4.
Thank you for your response and the suggestion. I didn’t think of this and I just tried it, unfortunately it didn’t do any change - still loads of reverb on the sounds… :frowning_face:

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Hmmm, I don’t have Scoring Percussion but I do have Rain Piano and the insert effects button removes any delay/reverb for that library. What happens if you pull the Room fader down in the Groove Agent mixer?
Room Fader
Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me can answer this for you. You’d expect something like that to be easily tweakable/toggleable :thinking:.

That also was a good idea, but scoring percussion does not have a room channel of its own…

That actually did work. But now everything is completely dry and I can’t even use the reverb button anymore.

That is exactly what I thought! Why isn’t there sth so basic and simple like a mix button? I don’t expect anymore or complex reverb/delay functions - just one knob to turn it down if it is to much, that’s all. Even free plugins have that - why isn’t it in GA? Normally you can do almost anything in GA…
But thank you again for takin your time and trying to help me!

No problem, I know how annoying stuff like this can be.