Controlling the Level Control in Transport Bar

Hi Guys,

Is there any way of controlling the main stereo pair output via an external controller? I’ve looked around for answers but nothing specifically covers this requirement.

I have a corsair keyboard that hosts a neat roller wheel that acts as the computers main volume, it also has a mute button. I’m always using it them in every day use to the point that when I’m using Cubase I’m always going for it and realizing it isn’t hooked up. So I’m wondering, is there a way to set this up so it will a) control the main stereo output volume (also when using control room mixer). and b) mute the sound when I hit the mute button.

This would really help me with my workflow.

Just by chance I’ve recently set up Control Room Volume and Dim using a nanoKontrol2 device. Here’s my Generic Remote screenshot.

You will need to ‘Learn’ the volume and mute midi values of your controller, but by copying the rest of the values it should work.

To get a Generic Remote, click on the ‘+’ icon top left.

Also, you MUST Export your settings by clicking the Export button because they’re not saved by Cubase. The GR that you last exported will be loaded next time you start Cubase. (Such a strange system but that’s the way it is!!).

I’d advise reading the manual on this stuff as well :slight_smile:


Oh only just spotted this … When I said corsair keyboard - it is actually just a normal PC keyboard with some additional controls on it - so no MIDI channel to learn from.