Controlling velocity with CC controller as automation

having a midi programed drum part i would like to be able to increase and decrease the midi velocity in realtime with CC11 (or any other CC…) which then could be also recorded as an automation.
i can use velocity shift parameter in the Midi Modifier insert on the midi channel and i can record the parameter changes with mouse movement (with quite some delay in the recording) but i don’t see a way to assign that parameter to a controller.

is that possible in cubase?


You can assign it via the Quick Controls. Or…

In the MIDI > CC Automation Setup window, in the Record Destination column and your MIDI CC of choice (CC11) switch from the Use Global Setting option to the Automation Track option.

Then enable Automation Write on the given track and start to move your controller. The automation curve of the given MIDI CC is going to be written.

Please note that velocity is always a parameter of a NoteOn midi event (and also NoteOff) whereas controller events (e.g. CC11) are independent of NoteOns. In order to manipulate velocity through a controller message you’d have to get the controller event transmitted exactly at the same time as the NoteOn message is positioned. We are talking about milliseconds here.

While in theory it might be possible in practice you will probably miss the NoteOn event almost all the time.

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