Controlling XTouch (compact) Midi CC data in Cubase 11

I’ve found many posts on this topic but surprisingly none with any resolution. Simply put, I want to be able to control CC11 with a fader on the Behringer Xtouch compact while I’m playing my keyboard using EWQL Hollywood Strings, and record it all in real time in Cubase 11. I’ve tried setting up a generic remote device, I’ve tried quick controls, and I’ve confirmed using Midi-OX that the expression data is being sent from the XTouch. Still no luck. Midi monitors on the track don’t show any expression data being received. I’ve run out of things to try, what am I missing?


Is the hardware in use as any Remote Device? If yes, disable it, please.

If the Device is sending CC11, you don’t need any Generic Remote, Quick Controls or other setup.

Well, I got the CC data working but the only way it work is if I check the In ‘All Midi Inputs’ option in the Midi port setup. Of course this causes the XTouch transport buttons note-on data to be recorded. Are there any known work-arounds for this? I’m so close…


The only one workaround would be to select the X-Touch as an MIDI Input of the given track.

What I ended up doing was changing the transport button types in the XTouch editor from Note to CC, then mapped them to CC#'s that weren’t being used (110 and 111). In the Cubase generic remote I changed the midi status to Controller instead of Note On, and used midi learn for it to recognize the new CC assignments. This seems to work, although there may be other downstream effects that I’m not aware of yet. I see that the transport buttons will write an event to a new CC lane when they are pressed, but this doesn’t seem to affect anything.


This is because the MIDI Port is not excluded from the All MIDI Inputs.