ControlRoom VolumeIssues Phones vs Main (up to 24dB difference)


please see attached screenshot…
I work on a MacbookPro > MOTU Ultralite mk3 > Active Monitors
(Cubase 8.0.2)

I noticed recently that control-room volumes are inconsistent between Cubase and my MOTU Ultralite.
If you check attached screenshot, Main Out should be louder that the Phones (Cubase settings), but if you check the volume meters in the MOTU CueMix console it’s actually otherwise:
Phones move around -24dB while the MainOut reaches hardly -48 dB

Any clou anyone???
Can it be that ControlRoom (or CueMix) expects to have a AMP on the MainOut (vs headphones which normally are not amp’d? This is the only answer that could make sense to me, but nevertheless it should be controllable…
The actual Volume on my monitors is not too quiet but they’re already maxed out, I have no possibility to make it louder… Nevertheless -48dB for the main Out is indeed very silent.

For live acts for example I need to go out through the Phone-output as the Main is simply too low and forces to amp the signal way too far up…

Thanks & cheers


Tech guys at MOTU could help me point to the issue.
It seems now that OSX has Gain settings in Audio-Midi-Setup (I do not remember that in earlier versions there was a gain control there).
But anyway this was set at 0.25 48dB, so resetting and I now have the whole gain dynamics back