Convenient way to save expression maps to endpoint

Hi people. I’m about to make a lot of expression maps and find ways to improve them in every project. Today I found out, that changes in the XM, that I also save, don’t update in the payback template. So when I change something the XM, I have to safe the endpoint again. Am I right?

I thought it would be very convenient, if you could tick a box in the expression map-editor, that says “apply change to all endpoints”. And then every instrument, that uses that specific XM will use it in the playback template. Or is there something like that? I wouldn’t be surprised… still I didn’t find it in the manual

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AFAIR playback templates are updated automatically when Endpoint Configurations are updated, but the Endpoint Configurations themselves have to be updated manually, so an option like you suggest sounds like a good idea to me …

What I suggest is re-exporting the playback template after you have made your edits to expression maps. That will save all of the referenced expression maps, along with everything else that your playback template relies upon.

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One more question, Daniel. I do have to export the expression map first after I made the changes and then export the playback template and all instruments that use that XM will use it, even if they weren’t in the project when I made the changes…

When you update a playback template by re-exporting it, the next time you open any project that uses that playback template, Dorico will automatically update the expression maps, percussion maps, playback techniques etc. that are used in the playback template in the project.

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