Convergent ligatures cross-staves

Hello to all!

I have here a situation I think kind of rare, although quite useful for contemporary music. I have a long musical line for the right hand of the piano and the bar is splited and divided in two staves. The whole musical line is reunited in one ligature, a convergent one, accelerando from one line to three lines. The problem is: I have three lines at the end of the first stave, but as the bar continues on the second stave, the convergent ligature starts the accelerando process again from one line to three lines. Is there any possibility to make THE WHOLE LIGATURE accelerando from one line to three lines? I repeat, it’s the same bar, but on two staves, since the musical line accelerando is really long.

Thanks for your help.

All best
Valentin V.

I’m afraid there’s no way to influence what Dorico does in this circumstance at the moment, Valentin, but hopefully in the future we will be able to improve fanned beaming to account for long fanned beams that cross multiple systems.