conversion after mastering

I’m sure this has been asked/discussed a hundred times but what program do you guys n gals use to convert your tracks to upload to the web?

I have been using Nero 10 myself…would cubase do just as good a job or better to mixdown in MP3?

I have always failed to get the results im looking for my top end always sounds…well not good after upload?

I have been listening to this guy’s music for ages now his music always sounded unspoilt when it’s uploaded no matter what site he is on. his mixes are very good but I hear no MP3 or upload render spoiling it at all.I keep meaning to ask him but haven’t got round to yet.

Anyway check his tracks out he’s very talented in fact he has just released a track he’s done with Ben folds!

WaveLab 6

(Note to Self: Remember to upgrade to WaveLab 7)


So would wavelab be able to do mixdown or render the tracks to mp3 better quality than most MP3 converters?

Wavelab is a bit pricey just for MP3 conversion!

I have been using Nero 10

I have always failed to get the results im looking for

And you can try before you buy:

HTH (hope this helps)

So I have a mixed and mastered album and your saying I need to buy wavelab to convert it to mp3?

I will try the demo out thanks

Also would you think it would help if I remastered in wavelab and mixdown as mp3

I think the ultimate method would be to use a realtime MP3 converter, you can then mix or master directly to the result.

This ones not cheap though, maybe there are cheaper ones out there?

Thanks Split

Do you think this would be the best way for me to go?

I don’t mind spending a bit if im going to make use of it…it’s just I have everything sounding like I want it if I can recall up my masters and insert this to do the job then happy days.
Ok I would get a full program with wavelab fair enough but if I can get the job done with this and not have to spend time learning another program I can spend more making music then im happy.

Im happy with my Finnished tracks this plugin costs less than wave lab and im going to use it every time I Finnish a song so I guess it’s worth the price.

What would you guys go for plugin or wavelab?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

If all you want is to convert your mixes to MP3, use the encoder software of your choice. Wavelab is overkill if that’s all you are looking to do.

If you want to properly pre-master a red-book complaint CD (and more, lots more), you would be well served by Wavelab.

I really wouldn’t know as I avoid MP3 like the plague :laughing:

But I would think that as from what I’ve read, that mastering via the end format in real time is the way to guarantee a result.

If you have the full version of Cubase, you get an unlimited license to the official Fraunhofer MP3 converter. It is more reliable and better I think than the encoder from Lame, which is freeware and updated by the people on the internets. So that’s what I use directly from Cubase.

I would have thought the same, but a quick Google shows that the Lame encoder can match the Fraunhofer’s quality at lower bit rates. Strange too, that the freeware outperforms the Fraunhofer according to the majority’s opinion.

Disk is cheap, embrace FLAC :sunglasses:

True, but most iPods/MP3 Players don’t accept FLAC. That makes WMA/MP3 a better option taking downloads into consideration.

Is FLAC better quality than mp3?

FLAC seems to be the way forward for streaming.

but as Bane says the download situation with ipods could be a problem??

So I need 6.5 to mixdown In that format?

Realy loving cubase at the moment the experience I have had with it whilst working on this project has been great…
One thing that has been driving me nuts though was when editing audio I kept turning of auto scroll and without me turning it back on its found its way back on on its own. :question: and when it has done that sometimes it will be on but just the halted setting for editing and instead of being able to unselect that when you click it…your screen moves!!

very frustrating :smiling_imp:

One other thing that I could of done with I don’t know if their is a feature? in >edit >select would be to be able to select all of the top audio and not what is in the other lanes for the way i work this would of been very helpful.

FLAC is superior in audio quality to MP3.

You can use Audacity to convert WAV to FLAC, its freeware on multiple OS if you dont have 6.5 :sunglasses:

AIFF also offers better audio quality than MP3.

iTunes can convert WAV files to either MP3 or Apple lossless format.