Convert 4/4 into 12/8

In a 4/4 time signature I have a series of 8th notes triplets, 4 quaver triplets per measure, and now I would like to convert it in a 12/8 time signature.
In other words the quaver triplet in 4/4 should became 3 quaver notes in 12/8.
Is it possible or do I need to rewrite it?

Select all the triplets, filter for tuplets, press I (insert mode) and hit delete. All your notes should be converted to quavers. Change the time signature to 12/8.

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I have the exact same question, but for a completely different reason. Since I discovered Cantamus, I would like to have Cantamus interpret my jazz arrangements, but unfortunately Cantamus is not capable of reproducing swing. I. That means I would have to convert all the pieces to a 12/8 feel. Does anyone have a tip on how to proceed, since Daniel’s solution only works with triplets and the “Rhythm transform” menu does not allow complex rhythmic conversions. Maybe it is somehow possible with the insert mode, but so far I haven’t found a solution.

Ahem, Cantamus happens to be a software tool… :wink:

Oops! Well, it sure sounded like a typical name for a chamber choir. (I guess that was partly the idea.)

:rofl::sunglasses::metal:Yes, it does indeed sound like that, you’re right!

Sorry, my fault … next time I set a link, so nobody gets me wrong. > cantamus app

To try to answer your question: If you export the notes as midi, could they import to Cantamus as triplets? That would at least play closer to swing …

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I tried that too. But the main Problem is that Dorico does not export the Lyrics while exporting as midi! And the other problem is that I have to import it in the cantamus app as clean XML. So I did lots of tests involving Logic, Sibelius, Musescore etc., but couldn’t get a useable result.