Convert a 44,1 kHz Audio Montage to 96 kHz

Hi everyone, this might be a stupid question…
I have done a master in WL 11 @ 44,1k. Now my client asks for a 96k version and I want to use the same Audio Montage so I don’t have to redo all the fades, trims and markers. How do I do this?
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There is a feature called Customized Audio Montage Duplicate for this very specific need.

I use it the other way around because I like to do the mastering work at 96k/high-sample rate and lock in the plugin processing at the higher sample rate because I think it sounds better, and then work my way down to lower sample rates…

But anyway, the Customized Audio Montage Duplicate allows you to recreate an existing montage at another sample rate, you just have to point it to the folder in which the alternate sample rate files are located. There is a naming filter to help it find the files if they have a slightly different name.

Some screen shots are attached that might help:


Thank you so much Justin! Works perfectly. And yes, this doesn’t make any sense and after a long debate my client, just now, realized this as well. But now I know how to do it and I learned something new today and that’s a good thing.
Again, thank you!


I was wondering the same on one of my own projects, thank you for the explanation.

BTW good job on the WL12 presentation, looking forward to the release next week…

And I also appreciate your many practical insights in your presentations in general, they’ve helped me discover more uses for WL than I knew possible. :+1:


Yes, couldn’t agree more… thanks Justin.!

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