Convert a Virtual Instrument Track into mono without summing L+R

I want for instance to get the L and get rid of the R and then from the L create a Mono track (or Stereo with 2 identical L and R)

I am doing with Plugins but I wonder if it is possible to do it with Cubase.



You can add any Insert effect (I’m using EQ, to make sure, the signal is not affected) and use the Insert > Routing to switch the routing to the Mono. Then you can choose in the Routing Editor, if you want to use the Left or the Right channel.

Thanks for your help!

I don’t know if I am missing something but if I follow your instructions I still have a stereo track being the L channel edited by the eq and the R channel goes through unaffected. No matter if I insert a mono or stereo eq.

What I want is to take the L channel and either convert the rest of the track into mono (so only the L channel is taken and the R is lost or continue with a stereo track where the L is duplicated to the R, so both channels are identical)


The EQ is in use only as any Insert, to be able to split the channel. Don’t use the EQ as processor. If you want to process the L channel (only) put some processes after this EQ, please.

Thanks you but I don’t get it right. I always have either a stereo track (with different L and R) or a mono but only sounding the L or the R.

I normally do it with the Hofa free 4u plugin. In stereo mode I set the R to -infinite dB and the L is increased by 2.7 dB (so that it has a very similar peak level to the original stereo signal) then I set the L channel in the Mid and I have a stereo channel with identical L and R. This is what I would like to do with Cubase.