Convert .ALL files

Does anyone know how I can convert .ALL files to .mid?

I have had Cubase VST and N2 for a long time but no longer have them with me so that I can convert them myself.



One of the Stickies at the top of the forum. :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile: No matter which app I install, it complains about a missing e-license. I don’t see why I have to pay AGAIN for a license to convert a few songs seeing that I already paid for a license for N2 & VST. I admit they are very old and I no longer have them but I don’t see myself paying again for a 3rd lic.


which version do you run now?

I don’t run any version now. My PC died a few weeks ago with the power supply shorting out. That resulted in frying all peripherlas and everything that was connected via USB & COM. I just rebuilt a new PC and was planning on downloading the N2 and VST from the ftp archive but can’t do it since the USB keys are dead. I plan on getting something more recent but I need to have my files converted first but I don’t see why I have to pay. It’s not my fault that Steinberg decided to remove this feature.

If not running Cubase/ Nuendo, what’s the need to convert?

So that I can have it as a mid file and be able to load it into every single application including the new Steinberg apps seeing that their new apps are not backwards compatable with themselves :slight_smile:

How many projects? Might be willing to convert a couple.

Just 5. It doesn’t bother me if I loose any info during the conversion as long as the .mid file has the notes.

PM me with links to the files if you want. Won’t be able to get to them until tomorrow, I’ll have to install SX3 on my XP system.

Thank you very much. It’s greatly appreciate it. I have sent you the file locations via PM.