Convert *.arr to *.cpr (Cubase SE3 installation hangs)


I recently purchased Cubase 12 Artist and would like to use my old Cubase files in *.arr format.

I read that I should install Cubase SE3 on / .

The installation hangs quickly at 'Skipping File: C:\Windows\Fonts\stein____.ttf.
I found on the internet that I should install in Safe Mode and this helps. During installation it prompts that elicenser cannot be installed since there is a newer version present.

Starting Cubase SE3 it asks for a license. My Artist 12 license seems not to be valid?

Am I doing something wrong?

Cubase SX/SL/SE 3 can only be installed after booting your computer in Safe Mode. The installers don’t work on modern versions of Windows otherwise.

Please note that you need to have a Cubase Artist 11 (or earlier) license stored in an USB-eLicenser dongle in order to be able to use Cubase SE 3.

The Cubase 12 license isn’t compatible with older eLicenser-based versions, but you’ll receive a Cubase 11 license if you’re upgrading from a previous version of Cubase.

Thanks, I just found out myself that I should install in Safe Mode. I therefore edited my post.

I directly purchased Artist 12, no upgrade from a lower version. Is there really no possibility left for me?

Sorry, but as far as I know, Steinberg Support cannot provide a new Cubase 11 license. You would have to find someone who’s willing to convert your old *.arr projects for you.