Convert audio finished song to midi tracks

Hi I use the Cubase AI LE Elements 12. I use my keyboard to record audio tracks and have just rendered a final audio track wit vocals all instruments etc .I need to review some of the parts and looking to convert this a midi file and rework on specific tracks . Is it possible for me to export this audio to midi inidividual tracks ?


You cannot do this in Cubase LE (nor in the bigger version).
There are online services that can convert polyphonic audio to MIDI, e.g., but they might struggle with full mixes, and you don’t get the MIDI separated for the instruments, as they only do pitch detection and not instrument detection (I don’t know of any software/service that does that, but it might exists), so you might need to separate you audio first into stems, either with tools like Spectrallayer or some online service like that does that, and then convert the results to MIDI. I wouldn’t vouch for the quality if the results, though.

I know this doesn’t help right now, but if you also record the MIDI from the keyboard you would avoid this situation in the future.

Thanks guys , I thought so this was going to be complex , but was looking to see if there were solutions out there . But thanks again , no surprise .

I have no idea whether this software is any good. I am neither recommending it, nor do I not recommend it. I just want to mention it in case you haven’t heard of it:

Maybe that will do what you are looking for.