Convert Audio/MIDI To Controller Data

I’d like to see a gizmo that would convert an audio waveform into MIDI cc data. For example, you come up with a complicated LFO pattern (say from Volcano or Molekular). How cool would it be if you could hit an
Export/Convert button and instantly transform that into a CC track that you could then map onto another MIDI track?

EDIT: OR… can one convert MIDI notes to a CC curve? IOW: if I play a melody, or generate an arpeggiator, I would love to be able to transform -that- set of MIDI notes into CC data.

+1. Though there are plenty of plug-ins that output MIDI CC from audio it would be rgeat to have it built in — both as a plug-in and at track input/output level.

Can you give me examples of such plug-ins?


That’s a fantastic idea.

I’m already getting ideas… I suppose some of the volume riders are already working off this principle?

I used to use Gatefish (freebie)… but that’s no longer available.
And several others I’ve used in the past are no longer available!

But Blue Cat do some fine products for this kind of thing…

These have nothing to do with what I’m talking about.

The simplest example would be… they would take a 5hz LFO sine wave and output a CC1 with an analogous sinusoid.

This would enable one to create very complex modulation curves.

Doesn’t expert sleepers silent way have a plug that does this kind of stuff? I own it, but kind of do the basic “control the modular” stuff with it.

EDIT: hmm … maybe not MIDI to CC … but audio LFO to CC for sure

Thanks. Never heard of them before (where do all these guys come from?)

There are a surprising number of 3rd party vendors that make gizmos that kinda feel like they should be part of Cubase core… they’re just fiddly enough that when a 3rd party does it, it comes out as a kludge.

I’m thinking of that guy who does a VSTi routing/mixer plug. Another thing that should be in Cubase.



Silent Way makes using a Modular with a DAW amazing. I can’t imagine trying to do all that old DIN sync stuff again. Or trying to tempo synch multiple imports from different sequences. It’s easy peasy now.

However, as you say … it is 3rd party guys solving a problem across environments, so isn’t necessarily always “simple” to implement. I shouldn’t have said “basic control of modular”. There’s no such thing. It just makes sending CV based on MIDI events possible. It also takes CV and turns it into events in the DAW. I don’t use it that way though. So, it may not do exactly the stuff you are tying to do.

I think you could do that now with a workaround. Map that LFO to the pitch of a sinus curve in your synth. Now render-in-place and goto VariAudio. Use the extract MIDI from audio feature, set it up so that the pitch is exportet as a pitchband cc. There you have your midified LFO…
(at least in theory, I have not tested it)

The idea inspired me to test it and it works quite good. You only have to manually set the whole sequence as one event in the segment section of VariAudio, or VariAudio will tend to extract multiple segments when the pitch modulation is too large.
But it works very good, better then expected, with that technique you can extract pretty every LFO / modulation curve to MIDI CC!

First I programmed a simple sinus LFO in massive and modulated the pitch of OSC1 with it.

Next I did a render-in-place, opened VariAudio and made one large event of all audio data…

Then I used “Export MIDI…” with this settings (sorry, everything is german, but I think you can figure out, what is meant)

Finally I cut the just created pitch-bend data and pasted the modulation CC to another track where it modulates filter cutoff of the synth.

There you go…