Convert cubase 4 files(1999-2001) to cubase 6

Hello! I do have a problem. I did an album with what I think was Cubase 4 back in 2000 on a Power Mac 7200. I’m trying to convert those old files that I have on a CD with my MacBook Pro loaded with Cubase 6. I downloaded, as suggested by Steinberg, the version Cubase SE 3 to my MacBook Pro but when I try to open the software I get a message saying that Power PC software are not supported by my computer (Mac OS 10.7.5). Therefore, I can’t open my old files. I found an old Power Mac 7200 that still works(Mac OS 8.6) and has a CD-Rom driver that still works (no internet connection). I’m wondering how I could convert those old files with my MacBook Pro anyway or is there a way to get
a Cubase version to load on the 7200 ? It seems like I can’t burn the 100 Mo file and disk image of Cubase SE 3 from Steinberg’s site (and I don’t know if it would work on a Mac OS 8.6). Any help would be appreciated…

Hi and welcome,

If your projects was made in Cubase 4, it means, these projects are stored as CPR files, right? Then you can open them directly in Cubase 6. No “conversion” needed. The conversion is needed for older Cubase (VST) version, where *.all format was used.

He actually means Cubase VST 4, not Cubase 4. He’ll need to convert his projects using Cubase SX or SE 3 in this case.

In this case, you have to install Cubase Se/SX to the supported system, of course. Apple doesn’t support the old applications, which were made for the Power PC processors since OS X 10.7. So you have to install older system with Rosetta support. Then you can install Cubase SE/SX on it.

I was wanting to install sx3.1 on an old notebook. I think it can be downloaded off the Steinberg ftp.
Does a license for a later version give you license to use it?



Yes Cubase Pro license allows you to run Cubase SX. The license is not the issue here. The issue is it’s not possible to install the PPC application to the Intel Mac anymore. In Windows it’s not a problem.

I have an older Cubase licensed Windows XP machine running SX3

IF your files are .all, then send me a sample and I’ll see if I can convert it to .cpr for you?