Convert existing project to the Tempplate


Is it possible to convert existing project to the main own template, please? How to do this?

I prepared some templates before. Than, I start working without using the template, but I would like to use the template setting, now. Is it possible?


File > Save As Template…

What more do you need to know? If you just save as template, it will appear on the dialog that pops up, under “More”, which is the default category.

Typically, I believe you’d want to save a separate copy of the project and then strip audio out of the pool, but not delete audio from hard drive before saving as template.

Thanks. I can make new template, I can manage it, I can delete it, etc. But I can’t to open existing project, which I didn’t beggin with some template, in the template made before.

Or I have 1st template for small orchestra. I make the music and use this template. But than, I have to enhance this music to the large orchestra. I have the Large orchestra template too. How can I switch the project made from the Small orcestra template, to the Large orchestra template, please?

Is this clear, now?


I do see what you’re saying now. You want to be able to merge a template into an existing project. Unfortunately, I don’t thing this is possible the way you describe.

I think you are going to have to create some track presets and work that way.

Take your large orchestra template and save each track as a track preset, then add them in individually into the small project. Something like that.