Convert (Export) Cubase to Pro Tools

I would like to take a CuBase file and convert (export) it so it can be read in Pro Tools. Can someone direct me to a step by step method to do this? I’m a novice with CuBase so … it should be as simple to follow as possible. Thanks very much!


If you are using just an Audio tracks, Export AAF or OMF from Cubase.

I have been dreaming of the day that you can save and read Pro Tools format from within Cubase. This would actually make Cubase used in way more professional studios. At the moment, you can either just batch export everything with all the FX to wave files but the alternate takes will be lost. You can also reset the mixer in the mix console and then batch export everything as RAW/unprocessed but again all the takes will be lost. The way export the takes is to select every channel one at a time, right click, ‘create tracks from lanes’ then unmute all the muted tracks that will be muted from comping, then reset the Cubase mixer, and use batch export. OMF and I think also AAF, does not export takes properly, it throws all the takes on top of all the clips making it too hard to comp them in Pro Tools. The batch export is the only true way to get it into Pro Tools, it’s impossible to copy the insert FX over in a way that can be edited though.

Sure would be nice. I am working with another studio using Pro Tools and they save the session data as an AAF file with audio references and so far they open just fine in Cubase 10. So glad I upgraded to 10 just for this feature. You almost have to work in Cubase without using Lanes or Versions and then it is easier to go back and forth. So far the AAF exchange has been flawless in Cubase.

Thanks to the screwed up UI in C10 (right-click menu, pop-up toolbox and transport panel) I’m still working mainly in C9.5 but using C10 to export/import AAF and yes, it works flawlessly as long as you take account of the limitations of the AAF format.