Convert FX Track Channel Count Type

After working on a bunch of projects from a template I created, I just noticed something really annoying.

It seems if you set up an FX track with REVerence as 5.1, the resulting reverberation is just mono across all six channels, giving you a very mono sounding reverb albeit coming out of all speakers. You need to set it to be a QUAD channel with a ‘surround’ impulse for it to work properly

So, I’ve now got a whole bunch of projects with this FX track with the wrong number of channels meaning nasty sounding reverb.

Is there any way to change an existing 5.1 FX track into a Quad FX track, or am I going to have to set up a new track on every one of these projects and duplicate the automation, and sends across every single track etc? Because the latter would be a phenomenal pain in the arse.