Convert guitar audio to midi in Cubase 10

Hi, I’m new to this forum.
I’m trying hard to convert guitar audio to Midi in Cubase.
Recording is no problem. It has some strumming and some chords in it.
So next I want to convert it to midi.
Searched on the net and tried to follow the directions.
After conversion I hear uncoherent sounds: no strumming at all.
One of the things I don’t get is the ‘segments’ bit. Where and how?

After trying out and scanning the internet a bit more …
Is it ‘simply’ a matter of ‘polyphonic’ or ‘monophonic’?
If that’s the case … what would be a solution?

Hi Karel,

Cubase can only convert monophonic audio so if you want to convert polyphonic audio you will need something like Melodyne 5 Editor!

Kind regards

James Colah

Try the free trial version of MIDI Guitar 2 from Jam Origin, which can be used as a plugin in Cubase.