Convert Lane automation to event or clip gain Nuendo 10

I have searched the manual and can not find if there is a way to convert the mixer automation in the lanes to event/clip levels or automation.
I have an OMF coming from FCP7 (yep, that’s right). The final deliverable is to a house using ProTools HD. I have taken a test from Nuendo 10 AAF to PTHD and the event/clip gains transfer to PTHD properly. These are not keyframed levels, they are static levels on each event/clip. I have done preliminary sound design work in FCP7 for the director, and he wants to keep the levels he decided on with the film editor when it comes back to me. I want to do my final sound design in Nuendo, but if I can’t start with the levels from the editor, it creates an issue for the director. PTHD has a feature called coalesce, that converts the mixer automation you get from the old FCP7 OMF to clip gains, therefore allowing you to wipe out mixer automation and start with the levels the film editor gave you as event/clip levels. Is this doable in Nuendo 10?
I hope this is clear enough to understand. I already know it’s a weird way to work, but they needed SFX for their rough cut and wanted it to be done properly and they would like to keep what has been started.
Thanks to all even if this is beyond reason. This is a great forum.

Nope, that feature does not yet exist in Nuendo unfortunately.


Do you ever do that? In PT I typically move the other direction only; opening an AAF and converting clip gain to automation (which I then often nuke).

What are your use-cases in terms of workflow for doing this?

Nope I do not. I just replied to the initial main question.
We never work like that. I ever just use the AAF as a reference of intent. I never use it.

I have never worked this way but it was a request from the director. In his thought process he feels we are “wasting” effort if we can’t keep the sound design that was done at it’s current levels. I explained it will change as soon as I start adding to the scenes. As I said, not life or death, just told him i would research it and see if it’s possible. It’s a relief it is not. I am using Nuendo for my sound design and then I will send it to PTHD and make sure it’s organized for the mix house. Thanks to you all for answering. Mattias, did you live in the DC area in the 90’s?

I think for the purpose of maintaining levels you could simply just use “trim” when you automate levels. That way you retain both clip gain and automation.

That said I’d probably just get rid of it and listen to the reference mix for guidance.

Also, in the 90’s I was in Boston, Stockholm, Bollnäs, Stockholm and Sandviken… in reverse order… No DC area… :slight_smile:

Thanks MattiasNYC I am doing just that. Since there will be picture changes it makes no sense to try to maintain a rough sketch. The overall premix gives me a clue as to what they want, and besides, I am doing sound design, not final mix. I will balance the effects to themselves and leave the overall to the final mixer. Then export an AAF to ProTools and if they want to coalesce the automation from the clip levels that will be their call. If I were mixing it wouldn’t leave Nuendo.