Convert lead sheets to charts of chords and lyrics?

Is there a way to convert lead sheets to charts of chord names and lyrics? If not, could such a feature be logged as a future possibility?

I’m glad to be getting better using Dorico Pro 5 to create lead sheets that a mandolinist (me), guitarists and vocalists (others) can use to play and sing together. However, guitarists and vocalists sometimes prefer charts of chord names and lyrics in relatively large type (viewable from a distance) without treble clef notation occupying space on one or more pages.

Currently, after creating lead sheets with Dorico, including chord names and lyrics, I use a word processing program to re-type chord names above lyrics for guitarist and vocalist friends to conveniently use.

Welcome to the forum, @LSA. This has indeed been requested before and is something we would like to support in future.


Thank you.