Convert Logic to Cubase?

I used Logic until they went mac only. I’ve used Cubase ever since. I have some old Logic
.lso projects I like to convert to Cubase 12.
Is this possible?

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I don’t think it is possible.
Find someone with Logic to export OMF/AAF, or have them export each tracks audio.
Then import in Cubase.

I have years of Logic Windows files. The only way to bring them over is render all the audio to stems starting at 00:00. Then bounce all the parts of each midi track into one and make it start at 00:00. Then save it as a midi file. Start a new song in Cubase with the same tempo and time signature as the Logic file was. Import all the audio. Then import the midi file remembering NOT to start a new song. This is the only way I’ve found to do this. If you want to keep the sounds of your Logic VST’s you’ll have to render them as audio, not midi. I’ve tried using all the export options in Logic but none of them worked. Sorry, maybe one day someone will come up with an app to do this. It would really save me hours and hours of work. I used Logic from 1996 to 2004. So many songs.


It’s possible to start a new project in Cubase by importing a MIDI file, in which case the new Cubase project can have the same time signature and tempo (including tempo changes). This only works with the initial import, it’s not possible to import e.g. only the tempo information with subsequent MIDI file imports into the same project.

I have been able to take a Logic AAF export and import it successfully into Cubase. I can’t remember the Logic version, but it was quite old, and AAF import was into Cubase 11 (at the time). The Logic project was audio-only, however, and was only the raw tracks – effects would have to be rendered as audio first and then exported.

AATranslator is that type of product but does not list Logic as one of the possible input formats, possibly because Logic can already export as AAF, which is a standard for multimedia resource exchange.

Those old Logic files might require someone with a really old version of Logic. I still have some LSOs around that were created with Logic 4/5… Those instantly crash Logic Pro. You may have to find someone running either Logic 7 or 8 which might have been when it converted the old files over to ‘the new way’. Similar to Cubase SX 3, Logic’s updated the format a couple times along the way. I think 7 was the first version that required you to resave your old projects as the new format. I’ve got files created in various versions of Logic over the years… Some of my projects have a .logic extension, some have a .logicx extension and some of them don’t have any. Either way it won’t open old .lso’s here anymore.

Thanks to everyone that replied. I’ll try the suggestions this afternoon.
Just the possibility of this working is great
Thanks again

I have Logic 5 on my Windows 10 machine. I keep it specifically for old Logic files. My friend Gerhard Lengeling, who wrote Logic, said all you have to do is retitle it and then you can open it in Logic 11. Nice trick.

BTW, OMF export has never worked for me. All I get is a black bed of noise from top to bottom. Sometimes eliminating all the plugins helps but not always.

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Wow man that’s cool - having Logic run on Windows.
I haven’t been able to covert my Logic files yet.

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Hey, sorry to just fly into this topic… But could you PLEASE fill me in, how you could install logic 5 on a win 10 system? I have over dozends of Lso, and I just dont like cubase that much… but if i just make logic 5 work again to export things, this would be great :slight_smile:

No clue how… By the time Logic Platinum 5 came out I was well moved over to a Mac. Aside from my desktop at work back then, never owned a PC after the Win 2000 days.

I’ve been unable to access the lso files or the midi files created by Logic. It’s really disappointing. I tried to load Logic 5 on my pc, but no luck.
Sorry man, good luck