Convert Markers to Cycle Markers/Locator Range

Hi all,

Just got done with a spotting session using cubase. I tried to set up markers to make this task easier. I created a key command for ‘create marker’ and even one for create cycle marker. However, I soon realized that creating cycle markers without locators set was difficult, so I started creating individual markers for in and out points of cues. Now here comes the request. I would love it if there were an easy way to select 2 markers and set the left and right locators to them…is there a way to do this? This would allow me to create in and out points, select them and create a cycle marker between them. This way, if there are other hits within the cue later on I can create regular markers within the cycle…does that make sense?

I guess the most basic request would be the ability to select two markers and change them to one cycle marker…or at the very least have a quick way to set the l and r locators based on those markers.

Oh dear …