Convert MIDI CC post region

I need something that will convert the MIDI cc post MIDI region, in between the output of the midi region and the input of the software instrument. The purpose of this is to have Breath CC control a few different parameters in Spitfire Mural Strings without reassigning the CC#, so I can drag midi regions and audition different sounds without having to convert the CC# assigned to “vibrato” on one instrument to a different CC# assigned to Vibrato on another instrument. I’d rather have these things on the output of the midi track, between the track and software instrument or between the track and the input on VEPro.

I’ve been looking for tuts on the MIDI Control Midi Insert but am not having luck and the Cubase manual kinda sucks on that front as well. It should be simple enough but it’s not working the way I expected it to.

That should indeed be the tool you need. In what way is it “not working”?