Convert MIDI to Instrument track (or back to MIDI)

Is there a simple solution for this?.

I know I can create the track type and drag the sections onto it. So there’s no way to change the track type when it’s on the timeline?


Not that I’ve ever noticed… Pretty sure you’re stuck with the track type as soon as it’s created.


Just consider the number of things that would have to be created automatically :astonished:
If you had been using a MIDI track, and you wanted to convert it into an Instrument track, it would have to load an instance of the same VSTi into the VST Instrument rack, load it with the same preset, copy the settings from the VSTi’s Mixer channel to the Instrument’s channel… plus which, you’d lose any MIDI Sends, and any multiple outputs from the original VSTi…
It just wouldn’t be practical :wink:.

Looks to me like another solution looking for a problem. :mrgreen:

Be great if my electric shovel could turn itself on. Hmmm?

Any more improvements like this my lad and there’ll be no reason to get out of bed. Mark my words! :mrgreen:

You sound suspiciously like Texx and a couple of other pussycats, Hmmm?

Mauri :open_mouth: :wink: .

Or my workflow is different to yours … I often get sequences from other studio whereas I want to use a single instrument and all the data is contained in the midi track. Just switching to instrument would save me a few steps …

I guess you’re scared of using Command-S too as there’s a longer way to do things.

i’d be interested in a solution to this as well.

it would be nice to create a library of sounds from older projects in which midi was used instead of instrument tracks.

i am kind of hoping for a more systemic solution in the future where instrument tracks get multi-output functionality so the vsti rack can finally be put to rest.