Convert mono track to stereo


Little niggling problem I often encounter. I set my track up and get all my inserts how I like them, then I realise I’ve created a mono track and not a stereo one. Is there a way I can just change that track to stereo? Otherwise I have to create a new stereo track and set up all my inserts again.


Which version of Cubase? You can use the extended mixer view, selecting inserts to show, and drag them across to the new track.

The easiest way to avoid such errors is to use only stereo tracks. (because Cubase can also play mono wav´s on a stereo track)

but here´s a solution for you:

  • create a new stereo audio track (and drag the region on it).
  • select the mono channel in the mixer.
    …on the left side of the mixerpanel you have two buttons: copy/paste! - click copy.
  • select the new stereo channel and click paste.
    now: all channel-settings (incl. inserts, sends, EQs, volumefader, pan) are transferred completely!

that´s the fastest way, I think…

(erm…but I hope for improvements in mono/stereo conversions, e.g.)

The best way should be simply to have a knob that turns the channel to stereo or mono like in Logic.

The best way should be simply to have a knob that turns the channel to stereo or mono like in Logic.

The best way should be simply to have a button like in Cubase. I mean, Cubase SX1 was originally like this and was removed in favor of less flexible tracks.

Steinberg’s approach:

  1. We will make it harder to switch between mono and stereo tracks. (Cubase SX2, removed mono/stereo switch)

  2. We will make it slower to create tracks. (Cubase SX2, merged “create multiple tracks” with “create track” dialog)

  3. We will make it harder to delete tracks. (Cubase 4, previously “delete track” was the same as “delete event”)

  4. We will make it more helpful to create tracks. (Cubase 5, new dialog options to name and choose preset)

    Depending on your point of view, these are all probably really good for some. Maybe a lot of people. As a power user I find all the changes against the grain.

correct, wilconfan…

have a look:

nice, isn´t it…?


had this issue, i recorded my synth on mono by accident and had to fix it later.

  1. add new track - stereo
  2. copy audio recording
  3. use track INSERT “MonoToStereo”. (i turned up all dials)
  4. use track automation “panner left - right”. then you should be able to pan your track either left or right :slight_smile:

this was a simple trick i figured out on my own after reading a couple answers on this thread and not understanding lol. lmk if i can help anyone

If it sounds good to you then… good. No problem. :wink:

But, just an FYI… your mono recording is still a mono file even when moved to a stereo track. The “MonoToStereo” plug-in only makes it sound like it is stereo by enhancing it with some added effects.

The only way that I know to convert the file to be stereo (meaning having two separate L/R channels) would be to perform a “Render In Place” or do a “Mixdown”. As far as I know these methods will convert the file to stereo but… you will still will probably want to enhance the stereo effect with a plug-in because the L/R channels will be the same because it was originally recorded as mono.

Regards :sunglasses:

sorry i wasn’t clear on step four and i don’t want to be misunderstood. i duplicated the track, panned one to left and one to right so basically i duplicated the sound into left and right channels as two separate tracks, but using the monotostereo helped level it out and make it sound more natural! those were my two key points!