Convert notes in audio to midi

I"m trying to convert notes of a piano playing into midi on a midi track. It is doing a HORRIBLE… I repeat, HORRIBLE job at this. It is so off time actually. and I’m not even sure the notes are correct because it is so off time it sounds like my little brother just banging the keys lol.

Just curios if anyone else has had luck with conversion to midi notes?

The reason I am doing this is so I can make a piano recorded in audio be on tempo cuz the tempo is all over the place. Whats the best approach here?

Also, a feature request would be to make a feature which will tell you the key of the song you are in. (too lazy to formally submit this, as steinbergs site is so muddled and hard to navigate, for me at least)


Audio to midi works best with monophonic sounds and then it can still be a bit sketchy.

To map out the tempo you can warp the tempo grid to the piano or try using tap tempo.

To get the tempo mapped up is reasonably simple, you can use the time warp tool to drag bars into place and away you go - start from the beginning and it shouldn’t take too long.

I once found a few tools from a google search which said they could analyse a polyphonic audio clip and create a midi file. Sceptically I tested one and it worked really well with piano, I was very impressed… It’s a long time ago now though so I can’t remember any names, but presumably such tools are still about.


Aloha guys,
On this topic if someone can point me to a programme that can (accurately)
convert John Coltrane’s ‘Ascension’ into MIDI, I’m on board.

If any one can do it it will be the Melodyne folks.

Split is right on.
C6 can do it but only one note at a time and even then
you may have to tweak the results.

Have not tried it but you could give the trial a go.