Convert (old) .ALL files to general (GM 2) midi files .mid


In the past I had a SoundBlaster audio card with Software Cubasis AV 1998 for Windows 95/98.
I created .ALL files with that version.

Later I got .ALL files from a friend … probably Cubase VST32 5.0 (or 5.1 ?)
All those files are midi files and some few files have audio-tracks in it. (both versions).

On my new computer Windows 10 I can’t install Cubasis AV (neither on an older computer with Windows XP).

Important for me is to get .mid files.
Question: Is there an (online) (batch) utility to convert these .ALL files to general (GM 2) midi (.mid) files? … does Cubase/Steinberg have something??
or… is there some one who want to do this for me. :question:

maybe this could help you:

and even may this: some guys, who had the same problem:

Hi Raz Cozyr,

THANKS for reply.

I asked about cost …… to convert .ALL files.
Thats NO option for me, it is to expensive… in that case I could better buy a full new Cubase for same cost. :laughing: :laughing: … 185 files x 4 dollar :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

I think it’s better for me to find used (secondhand) Cubase SX 3 … which is the latest version that can read .ALL files.
SX 3 will run on my old Win XP PC.

omg :open_mouth: , that´s no good deal. man, :open_mouth: :unamused: ya, this money you can spend for something more worthful.( there´re so much things in our area…)
didn´t know that, so i hadn´t give you the link.

ya, that would be useful. but in your situation i would think about, if i really need those .ALL-files, even there´re got good and precious material on it. i would take a look at a newer Sequencer/DAW to strain on in more prfessional ways to hool up your music. because it´s nice to look back at good times/ in our scene good material, but it´s really better to imrpove your skills and with that yourself to current standards, because after a few years, you´ll sitting there and think: what i`d wanted all the whole time on this gone fields. i had better should get knwoledge in the actual processings and the current stuff… just an advice, i speak unfortunaly of my own experience, you don´t have to do/ think about this. itßs just an advice. :wink:

SX 3 wont run for me because license (from steinberg in the last few days) ended in 2016… any solutions to getting my .all files back